Quick & Easy Tips to Maintain an Inverter Battery

In general, the battery is considered the core of power backup system. The Luminous Inverter Battery requires very low maintenance compared to other brands inverter battery. With a few simple maintenance tips, one can extend the existing Luminous Inverter Battery lifespan. So, let’s run down the easiest and quickest tips on how to maintain an inverter battery

Tip 1: Always Store & Install Battery in an Airy Space

Always make sure that the inverter battery is placed in an open or airy place which will provide natural cooling air circulation to counter the inverter battery heating problem. Do not use, store or leave the inverter battery in hot places (e.g. by the fire, near a heater or in direct sunlight

Tip 2: : Keep the Inverter Battery Away From Inflammable Objects

It is recommended to place the inverter battery in a safe place away from flammable and` volatile objects which could set the inverter battery on fire and cause a disaster.

Tip 3: Cleaning of Battery Terminals

Always look out for dust or worn out rusty surfaces on the battery terminals. In case you find any, please contact Luminous Service Personnel for check-up and services.

Tip 4 : Cleaning of Battery Terminals

Make sure to periodically check the inverter battery water level every 45 days and ensure that the water level is not below the minimum level.

Tip 5: Top-Up the Battery only With Distilled Water

One needs to top-up inverter battery with distilled water only. Normal tap water and RO water should not be used for top-up as they contain dirt and other impurities that can shorten the battery life. It is suggested to use Luminous Inverter Batteries that are designed for durability and long life.

Tip 6: Keep the Battery Surface Clean

It is absolutely important that the inverter battery’s surface is always clean and dust free. The best way to clean the surface of inverter battery is to use a clean cotton cloth to wipe off the dirt.

We hope that these maintenance tips can enhance the inverter battery’s performance higher.

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