My inverter battery is overheating. What is the best solution to stop this?

Listen this Article on the go….. 4 Mins Read We are ready to answer your question.   The battery may overheat because: it is getting accidentally overcharged extra load is connected inverter running for more duration than you require it there is problem in the battery electrolyte The above problems are quite common for older […]

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Extend the back-up of your Home UPS battery with these 5 useful tips

In India, power cuts are still the norm. We all know how frustrating a power cut can be after a long day at work. Hence it is necessary we take requisite steps for maintenance of the Home UPS battery. If you have recently brought a Home UPS, here are a few tips that will allow […]

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Quick & Easy Tips to Maintain an Inverter Battery

In general, the battery is considered the core of power backup system. The Luminous Inverter Battery requires very low maintenance compared to other brands inverter battery. With a few simple maintenance tips, one can extend the existing Luminous Inverter Battery lifespan. So, let’s run down the easiest and quickest tips on how to maintain an […]

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