Extend the back-up of your Home UPS battery with these 5 useful tips

In India, power cuts are still the norm. We all know how frustrating a power cut can be after a long day at work. Hence it is necessary we take requisite steps for maintenance of the Home UPS battery. If you have recently brought a Home UPS, here are a few tips that will allow you to properly maintain the battery for optimum performance and longer backup life.

Overloading the battery

Make sure to disconnect devices that heavily consume energy to run. Keep the connections limited to gadgets and appliances, that you feel you really can’t do without. By cutting off the extra load, you will see a significant increase in the back up of the Home UPS battery.

Switch to power saving lights and fans

Use energy efficient fans and lights to cut down the power consumption. Low power consumption means less burden on the battery and more saving in electricity. For instance, a normal bulb consumes significantly higher energy in comparison to a CFL. Also, do not miss to have a look at our range of fan with integrated LED lights.

Make Sure Battery Is Fully Charged

It is vital to charge the Home UPS battery effectively. After installing the battery, make sure to check it’s fully charged. If there are no power cuts, do plug off the battery and after that recharge it again.

Water Level

Every 40 days, make sure to check the water level. Ensure that the water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum water limit. Continuously top up the battery with refined water. Try not to utilize tap water or rain water as it contains minerals and contaminations which can affect the life and performance of the battery.

Check for corrosion

Keep the battery terminals rust free. Rusting can significantly hamper the battery performance. Corrosion in terminals alters the flow of power to and fro from the battery. This limited stream of current results in moderate battery charging which at last diminishes battery life and in the end impacts your Home UPS’s performance. On the off chance that the terminals get eroded pour boiling water on the affected zone or use a toothbrush for cleaning. This exercise will wipe the corrosion. Once the terminals are clean, apply some oil on to the terminals, nuts and bolts to avoid future corrosion.

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